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"We fulfill your dreams ..." - this is the motto of the activity Manufaktura Ślubów and every day we do everything to make it happen.

Wedding Manufactory is a team of lovers of good taste and elegance. We get to know new trends, we look for inspiration in various forms of art and areas of life, we take part in professional trainings in order to be able to carry out the most beautiful wedding ceremonies for you. Manufactory weddings as a wedding agency, is one of the most recognizable brands for such a large wedding market as Warsaw.


The wedding agency has its headquarters in Warsaw, but operates throughout Poland, and even outside its borders. We organize and coordinate weddings of Polish and international couples, taking care of the unique character and setting of each ceremony. The key to success is the efficient implementation of the tasks entrusted to us, objectivity, openness to suggestions, comments and expectations. We provide advice and support in the pursuit of even the most sophisticated ideas. We are characterized by creativity and individuality. Each pair is unique for us, that's why we propose different solutions to each couple, paying attention to detail. We want the celebrations implemented by the Wedding Manufactory to be a wonderful and unforgettable beginning of a new way of life for you.


You expect high quality services, elegance and class, let our wedding agency take care of all the preparations.

Marta Jasińska

I am the founder and owner of the Manufaktura Ślubów brand. I am a mother, a wife, an enthusiast of exceptional realizations, a good and at the same time demanding organizer.

The Family and Wedding Manufactures are the air and the driving force for me and Warsaw.

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Best Wedding Planner 2016 competition

We had the pleasure to participate in the preparation of an interesting article about the organization of weddings for celebrities.